Golf Sunglasses

Improve Your Game on the Green with Golf Sunglasses

The right pair of sunglasses can make all the difference to your golf game. While every golfer loves a sunny day on the course, the glare when the sun’s beating down can make it hard to see along the green. What you need is a really good pair of polarised…

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Polarised Sunglasses

Why Choose Polarised Sunglasses?

With summer fast approaching, our team is looking forward to sunnier days! Many people apply sun protection to their skin but forget to safeguard their eyes. Although most sunglasses provide 100% UV protection, not all eliminate glare, resulting in squinting and impaired vision for the wearer. Thankfully, anti-glare sunglasses, aka…

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Transitioning Into Spring with Transitions® Glasses!

British Summer Time is here. The days are getting longer, the nights are getting lighter and the sun is getting brighter. As lockdown restrictions start to ease too, we’re all getting to enjoy the sun for longer. However, as summer approaches, the sun’s UV rays become stronger and more dangerous….

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How to Get the Better of Hayfever

How to Get the Better of Hayfever/Ocular Allergies This Spring

Ah, springtime! This beautiful season brings warm weather, gorgeous flowers… and for some, itchy, red eyes! As much we love the spring, we often dread the unwelcome effects of hayfever that comes hand in hand with it too. However, hayfever doesn’t mean you need to stay indoors all season long….

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Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

A Unique Valentine’s Day Gift for Him and Her

Looking for a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one? While roses are nice and chocolate is sweet, nothing says ‘eye care about you’ better than stunning and unique eyewear to frame your beloved’s face. How do you go about finding the perfect pair, though? We’ve got you covered,…

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Essilor Lens Offer – February to 25th November 2021

From the beginning of February 2021 until 25th November 2021 we are offering you a choice of either a complimentary second pair of Essilor lenses or a second pair of premium Essilor lenses at half price when you buy selected Essilor varifocal or single vision lenses. There is quite a…

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Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses

The Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses

When Covid hit the headlines in early 2020, it brought with it a seemingly endless barrage of medical myths from an army of ‘experts’. We may not have all the answers to protection and health in the face of the pandemic, but thankfully, when it comes to the myths around…

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February 2021 Covid 19 Update

We REMAIN FULLY OPEN providing the full range of eye care services for patients. As a provider of ‘primary eye care’ we are classed as an essential service by the Government and Opticians premises are classified as ‘essential retail’. Under the third national lockdown introduced in England in early January…

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Happy New Year – Still Open!

We hope you had an enjoyable festive period despite the ongoing difficulties in meeting family and friends. As an essential service, we will be operating as usual and seeing patients for pre-booked appointments during the latest lockdown. We stayed open throughout most of 2020 as an essential healthcare service after significant…

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Tips for The Festive Season

Our Top Tips for Preparing Your Eyes for The Festive Season

With Christmas nearly here, it’s definitely time to make sure you’ve got your eyewear needs taken care of. Get an Up to Date Prescription As your vision changes, your lenses also need to change to help you to see with clarity. If you notice a difference in your ability to…

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New Technology to the Rescue

We are seeing more patients with eye problems. This is partly because Covid 19 has made people too scared to go to the Eye Hospital and some are finding it difficult to get an appointment with their GP. Happily, eye examination technology is advancing all the time and we have…

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Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week – The Importance of Eye Exams

Safety comes first with driving and if your eyesight isn’t up to scratch, you may not be as safe on the roads as you think. During Road Safety Week, we want to highlight the Association of Optometrists’ Don’t Swerve a Sight Test campaign. The name says it all, but what…

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Blue-Light Protection & Anti-Fog Glasses for Kids

Lockdown has increased the amount of time young people have spent on their mobile devices and computers dramatically. That means more digital eye fatigue, and more potential damage from harmful blue light (blue light protection is very prevalent in the USA). American parents are eager to both protect children’s eyes,…

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What New Online Services Can You Benefit From?

Our New and Improved Website – What New Online Services Can You Benefit From?

As many of you will know, we introduced our online web store for eyewear and contact lenses just a few months ago. Along with featuring six of the many eyewear brands we stock in practice, our web shop also features a virtual try on tool for Silhouette and Maui Jim…

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UV protection and sunglasses in Bristol

May 2019 Do you know the A, B, C’s of UV protection? Most of us have heard about UV protection when it comes to sunblock. But your eyes need protecting just as much as your skin. The sun produces harmful UV radiation in the form of UVA, UVB and UVC….

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